" Shimmy class is a super fun and challenging midweek blast of happiness and amazing exercise. Afterward I feel muscles I didn't know I even had—especially after one leg shimmies!"
— Cathy R., student

Belly Dance Classes

Belly Dance Classes Portland Maine

Enhance your confidence & project the joy of life!

Join Rosa's belly dance class and delve into belly dance movement, musicality and tradition. Beginner and intermediate classes available.

Level 1: Mon or Wed 5:30 PM
Level 2: Mon 7:00 PM
Level 3/4: Wed 7:00 PM

New session starts April 25, 2016.

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Lunchtime Shimmy

Belly Dance Classes Portland Maine

Shake the midweek stress with Lunchtime Shimmy!

Shimmy through your lunch break with this upbeat beginner belly dance class. Get great exercise while having fun and learning new dance moves!

Wednesdays at noon

Lunchtime Shimmy is ongoing. Start any time!

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Ballet Basics for Adults

Ballet Classes Portland Maine

Always wanted to learn ballet? Now you can!

Improve your posture, gain balance & stability, strengthen your entire body, and develop flexibility in this ballet basics class for adults.

Sundays at 9:30 AM
Tuesdays at 5:30 PM

Classes are ongoing. Start any time!

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All classes at Bright Star World Dance, 108 High Street, Floor 3, Portland, ME 04101.

Ballet for Skaters

Ballet Classes for Figure Skaters Portland Maine

Traditional ballet is a full-body workout that develops core strength, balance, extension, arm carriage, flexibility, injury prevention and body awareness with movement, and injury prevention.

This class is especially tailored to the needs of figure skaters! NOTE: Pointe work (aka toe) will *not* be taught.

The current session is open only to figure skaters competing at the juvenile level or higher.

Email for more info.

Private Lessons

Belly Dance Classes Portland Maine

One-on-one study to achieve YOUR goals!

How high can you climb? Let's find out.

Rosa's Grace Academy incorporates technique, musicality, strength, and presentation.

Skype and in-person options available.

Learn more here or email Rosa for more info!